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Piano Tuning

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Regular tuning will ensure continued pleasure from playing your instrument.  Compare the cost of a twice-yearly visit and the immediate sound improvement with the cost of weekly lessons.. A small price to pay for the transformation a tuning can give to your piano.

Over time, all the moving parts of a piano will be affected by both playing and environmental factors such as heat and humidity.  These will affect your piano’s performance.  The tonal quality of a piano should be consistent and you will notice if it isn’t when you are playing as it won't sound as good as it should.


Tuning can make your piano sound its best, improving the tone of each individual note and the piano as a whole.  It is important to note, however, that the design of the piano and the quality of its components and assembly will affect how well it can be tuned.

I tune a variety of stringed keyboard instruments, including grand, upright and square pianos, harpsichords and clavichords.

The default tuning is Equal Temperament but I can tune other, historical temperaments, on request.  These may suit certain older types of piano. 

When tuning I observe the action to ensure it is working efficiently and adjust the regulation as the tuning progresses.  I will advise on any further work to improve your instrument if necessary.

regulating a piano tuning tools regulating a piano

I am qualified and experienced to tune aurally (with only the aid of a tuning fork).  However, electronic tuning devices have improved dramatically over the last few years and I now use a combination of aural and electronic tuning.  I have tuned aurally only for at least 22 years before I bought an ETD and can say that it has helped bring out the best in the pianos with the aid of it. The electronic device enhances the aural skills enabling a tuner to produce a good scale and octaves, and more accurate pitch raises on even the most difficult of pianos.  It isn’t a device which would enable a non-tuner to be able to tune!  Setting the pin and achieving good unisons are skills that can only come with proper training and years of experience, which you will see in my biography.


Tuning:            £65.00 (if at or near to A440)

Pitch Raise
:     £85.00 (if below A430, £75 if 435 to 430)

How to make an appointment

Telephone:      0114 2630121      (answering machine at times - PLEASE leave a message, I'll return your call)

            07889 759265      (Texts perfectly acceptable!)



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